Building photo 1Glencoe Studios sits in the heart of a historic textile mill village.  The mill complex was built between 1880 and 1882 by E. M. Holt and sons on the banks of the Haw River.  It was the last mill in Alamance County to use waterpower to drive its 186 looms and 2010 spindles.  At its peak, the mill employed 200 people.  Famous for its high quality plaid fabrics and napped cloth used in nightgowns and blankets, the mill operated continuously until it closed in 1954.

The Glencoe Mill Village was built by the Holts to attract, house and support the mill workers and their families.  In its heyday, the village supported a strong and vital community and had a company store, school, several churches and a barber shop.

Glencoe Village is one of North Carolina’s best preserved mill towns. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  Current restoration began in 1998.

Today the village attracts a new generation of families, drawn to the area for its rich traditions, beauty and recreational opportunities.

Wall featuring stencil marks created in the 1880's.

Wall featuring stencil marks created in the 1880′s.